PMRPC General Rules

Amended 9/09/2010

The purpose of the PMRPC is to promote the shooting sports and give shooters a safe place to practice and compete.  No one shall be allowed on club property who is not eligible to own or handle firearms under the prevailing federal and state laws, unless expressly authorized by the club directors.


Range Protocols

  1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

  4. Anyone can call “cease fire” at any time. On “cease fire” all shooters must immediately stop firing, take their finger off the trigger, maintain safe muzzle discipline and evaluate the situation

  5. Eye protection is required on all ranges.

  6. Hearing protection is required on all ranges when near shooting.


Cold Range: Everyone in the range area must acknowledge that the range is COLD

  • Firearms must be made safe or safely encased.

  • Firearms cannot be touched.

  • Shooters can move forward of the firing line to change targets.

  • Properly encased firearms may be brought to the firing line but may not be handled or removed from case.

Hot Range: Everyone in the range area must acknowledge that the range is HOT

  • Everyone must stay behind the firing line.

  • It is safe to handle, load and shoot firearms at approved targets

  • Safely encased firearms may be brought to, or removed from, the firing line.



Condition of Firearms:

Safe: Firearm is unloaded; magazine removed if possible; slide is locked to rear or cylinder/action is open; and chamber flag is installed if possible.

Safely encased :In a holster or case that conceals or protects the trigger

Hot: Any condition other than safe or safely encased.

Safe Direction: The direction in which a firearm would do the least damage if it discharged.  When a berm or trap is present, guns should be handled so that the muzzle is pointing at the berm or trap, and bullets will impact directly into it. If a muzzle is not pointed downrange, it should be pointed at the ground.

Range: A “range” begins 20 feet from behind the designated firing line and continues to the berm or impact area

General Safety Rules

  1. These rules apply to all ranges and represent the minimum acceptable safety standards. Specific ranges or matches may have more stringent regulations.

  2. All guns brought on to the property must be kept in an unloaded and safe condition, unless the gun is being kept for defensive purposes. Defensive guns must either be securely stored in a vehicle, or carried in a concealed state by a legally authorized person

  3. Shooting is allowed on designated, open ranges daily from 8 amto sunset.

  4. The speed limit on club property is 10 MPH

  5. Members must display their membership badges on their person at all times so that their name is visible, except during work parties.

  6. Members may not lend badges or keys that control access to the club or to restricted ranges.

  7. Club-owned vehicles can only be operated by authorized club members or contractors.

  8. No alcoholic beverages will be consumed on any range. No one may handle or discharge any firearm on club property after consuming alcohol.

  9. Executive Board approval is required for :

    • Commercial activities

    • Scheduling or re-scheduling of any matches or organized activities

    • Temporary modifications of rules for a range

  10. No incendiary ammo can be fired at PMRPC without the express approval of the Board of Directors. "Incendiary ammo" includes tracers, flares, HEIs, Firestorms, Roufoss rounds, dragon's breath shotguns shells, or any cartridge designed to expel a burning payload or explosive projectile. Anyone using this ammunition may be required to pay the costs of repairing the damage associated with it, and/or face suspension or expulsion from the club.

Concealed Carry

  1. Anyone who is authorized by state or federal law to carry a concealed weapon for defensive purposes may do so at the PMRPC. All concealed weapons must be properly holstered and the trigger guard covered.

  2. Any firearm carried on to the property for defensive purposes cannot be handled, displayed, or fired on ANY part of the premises, unless the shooter is acting in self-defense.

  3. The head of any club-sanctioned match or training session at PMRPC may determine that for safety reasons, participants may not carry a concealed weapon during that match or class.


  1. Non-member competitors at scheduled events are not considered “guests.”

  2. The member is responsible for any guests he/she brings to the club.

  3. Guests must remain with their host.

  4. Members are limited to a maximum of three guests per visit to the range.

  5. Visits by non-family members are limited to four times per year.

  6. The member and other guests cannot fire when a guest is firing.

  7. Guests cannot fire when their host is firing.

  8. Guests must follow all range rules.

Est. 1960

The range is located at 610 Hurley Blvd., Palm Bay, FL.  27.98763N 80.71354W